Media Design

The manifold works of media designs cover a wide spectrum of possible utilization. Logos, text associated graphics, flyers and posters or letterings are possible to be created with little effort. Intended application is incorporated into the designing process, as much as future utilization in varying context is regarded – as far as reasonable and requested. This applies especially to mediums which are integrated into other formats and for example contain multiple layers to be blended in or out. Less elaborate works are provided with several color variants to always allow for a suitable graphic to be chosen even in differentiating ambience of usage.

Minimum effort for media designs is difficult to generalize. Determing factors are desired size (physical or digital) of the works, level of detail, range of colors and research or creation of elements which are to be integrated – for example background images from photographs or licence-free utilization for print media. Additionally, a continuous exchange about desired utilization has to be guaranteed. The associated effort of the designing itself is therefore usually distincly higher than the commissioning party may apprehend. Due to this, each project is always calculated with a certain time effort which allows enough space for exchange and adjustment of the design. As a basic orientation about half of the time which is needed for the creation of the graphical works may be sufficient. The overview of works does not itemize this additional effort in detail. Sketches and communication should be estimated at 15 € per hour and final creation ranges hourly between 20 € to 30 €, depending on the scope of the project.