Tattoo Design

The desire for an individual tattoo takes a lot of effort, especially when combining different motives or a specific arrangement is aimed for. An experienced tattoo artist invests this effort before the actual tattooing, accumulating an uncertain number of hours. By finishing the design beforehand as completely as possible, this time investment can be economized and time spent at the tattoo artist is saved for the work of the actual creation on the skin.

Compared to the hourly rate of a tattoo studio, the minimum of 25 € per hour in most cases about 50 % cheaper. If inability to provide these funds is credibly stated, a reduced fixed price will be mutually agreed on to conform to the statement in the overview of works. For less extensive motives is a time frame of four to six hours usually entirely sufficient. Pencil drawings are technically and stylistically very close to classic black and white tattoos. Colorized designs can be created by another two to three consequent hours. To keep the designing process as compact as possible, different elements of a motive are individually developed an digitally combined afterwards. In this way a subsequent arrangement according exactly to the desires of the commissioning person is possible.