2011 - 2012 While Away

Use of footage in a documentation

The production company Pioneer Productions used the video of a bushfire and also other snippets of the footage during my time in Australia for her documentation "Strangest Weather on Earth".

Volu-men 5

Another cover for Volu-men Happy about my work for the album "4", Volu-men hired me again for their album "5" - Used was after all the second work.

Adrians combination

A combination of animals with tribal art was the request of Adrian, which I tried to full fill as good as possible.

Black Headed Python

One of the most beautiful snakes of Australia was Ollis wish for his upper arm, added to the lettering which was already tattooed. For the change over the shoulder I already worked in the swap of perspective.

Praying mantis

A praying mantis for Ash from Broome.

Kerris seahorse

For her foot which shall show a collection of nautic symbols, I created this seahorse.

Exploding watch

For Steve, who wanted to get the watch tattooed like a wristwatch.

Zarahs wolf

Design for a tattoo, which was supposed to stay rather small but still had to keep a lot of beautiful details.