2008 - 2009 Tattoos And Music

Logo "Hard..?! Radioshow"

The upcoming show of our local radio station was in need of a logo which was supposed to be useful as shirt design and other merchandise. It's using a version of my "metal-styled" clefs.


A group picture for the metal band "Indistinct"


A logo for my friend Moesch, if he should ever launch a company. Also I created a scenic design just for the fun of it.

Totes Gedankengut / Dead Mindset

I designed this warning symbol for a contest about "Stickers against Facism" to be useful in collective disobedience. If one should notice outdated and backwardly behavior, the dangerous spot can be easily tagged for others to be noticed.


Organic chaosstar
This request for an organic chaosstar issued a bit of a challenge to me. After I grappled intense with the idea I could make the purchaser really happy after all.

Gecko Tattoo
A small tattoo for the angle of a friend

Inner Demon
This picture was probably created with the most emotional effort I ever spent on a motive. The request was to draw a portrait of the prospectively wearer which shows her dark side. The adventurous relationship to this person leaded to this very loaded tattoo.

Another tattoo for a friend, this time to be positioned over the hip.

Minne photosession

We took some more shots for my other friend, Minne. His responsive character made it easy to get a couple of great photos.

Y4Yo photosession

I took a couple of shots for my friend Max, these are some examples from the set.