2007 - 2008 New Level


I had a short but intense phase creating pictures straight with permanent pens. Without sketching but with a lot of enthusiasm I worked out a few things which concluded in the creation of this comic. It's based on my time living together with two friends and in this style I could express my strangest thoughtswithout having to think about a lot of preparations. Sadly only a few works were scanned by me since the phase was partly about not trying to safe and gather my works and accept the natural dispose of art.

A Day Out

These two pictures were shot during the Osnabrueck carnival, what makes them a bit more special to me. Usually you only get chaos and drunken people during this day.

New techniques

I made a few steps away from my classic drawing style during this phase, to include some pictures in other media-styles. A big challenge was always to include traditional pencil works in generated graphic environments.

Ongoing Moesch

Always a favorite model for me, I created Moesch as a character in comic-style for a t-shirt. Simply his eagerness to be available for all my strange ideas for photos all the time, made him earn this present. His attraction to comics came hand in hand and I drew the little pile of his favorite things to fit perfectly on the chest part of the shirt. So all together it made a very fine gift.

Masked Moesch

To get deeper knowledge about the possibilities of my camera as well as trying myself out, I asked my good friend to model for some weird rooftop shots. Accidentally I created my first set.