After feeling a bit lost for a year in Canada I made my way back to Germany. I was looking for a balancing experience, including winter, snow and mountains - and got what I had asked for. Additionally I experienced again the hectic development of oneself during traveling times as well as shocking environmental revelations. I’m looking forward to return to Australia another time to hopefully find a more positive perspective again.

Before I go

The ship is drifting of the shore
On the beach are the footsteps of last night
The ropes are ripping with a chime
Memories of dancers, stamping on the floor
Lights flickering in my mind, what might..
The people that I've met just fade in time

The bow facing the horizon, slowly floating on
The last lines snatch with sound of lost
But the wind is stroking my face and mind
Bringing me the gift of confidence to find
Of hope and trust in faith the most
To run as fast as I can and not question my staring at the sun


From the beginning on I wanted to find a down-to-earth feeling and ground myself in Australia. I was surprised by an overwhelming personal development during this intense trip. While being shaken and marked by the time I also found the excitement of traveling and working abroad.

Digging deeper

My time after school was passing by like a dream. A few years went by during my training and big shifts in my family. During these days I spent my time in a growing feeling of having to leave soon. So I tried to finish some big challenges back home while preparing for my first big journey.

An ego taking shape

I collected experiences specifically, preferring deep and intensive ones. Since ever I was after the experience itself, to perceive the growing and learning process consciously. I tried myself out, got to know and understand me - To realize life is a continuously accretion process which I want to savor as deeply as possible.

Early years

It took me a while to find myself. I found a valve in an extravagant style and distinctive individualism rooted in the punk-style. Looking back I would rather call myself a fundamental opportunist. I wanted to break with existing moral concepts and to refute the first impression as often as possible by acting different than expected. Soon I developed an affinity to black, always simple and timeless elegant. In contrast my hair had to change its color quite often and extreme every time my mental state was shifting. My appearance as expression of my inner progress was always straight and honest but was often mistaken as being stuck up and put-on. Anyhow, I'm glad about this phase when I jumped passionately head on into any situation to learn how to experience the intensity of every moment.