2004 - 2005 First Steps

A sketch of kids

My first payed work was a sketch of two kids to be included into a photo album. Additional as a christmas present the drawing was copied from a photo and roughly 2.5 times expanded.

Das Wakan-Tanka

The first publication of one of my photographic works was the extrem worked portrait of my friend Moesch for the story "Das Wakan-Tanka" by Markus Boehme (no english translation available).
LERATO-Verlag; 1. Auflage vom 14. August 2006

ISBN-10: 3938882166
ISBN-13: 978-3938882160
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A collection of clefs

These sketches of clefs "metal-styled" were supposed to be drafts for a tattoo.After years of comparison it came to the sketches being a lot more popular than any workout of the idea.


The lettering is a design out of a row of sketches which I designed voluntary for the band „Nebelheer“ in advance of any fixed deals. Unfortunately the cooperation didn't work out quite well.


A work for my friend Fabian and his by that time favorite slogan "True Evil".

The female body

I had soon the chance to work for friends and family, like for example the design of a voluptuous calendar as a gift for her partner. These pictures are from a set which led to me discovering my passion for the picturing of female sensuality.