2004 - 2005 Experiments

A touch of Calvin Klein

Although the picture was shot for art lessons in school and the subject was rather minor addressed, the wish awoke to grapple with photography a bit more. I'm especially proud about having made my first tries with an analogue reflex camera, what gave me a very deep feeling about the creational process of a picture.

The first snapshot

The first portrait of my good friend Moesch. After developing the picture (also before I had a digital camera) it had immediately a strong effect on me, which it couldn't lose yet.

The discovering of sensuality

Another picture which wasn't shot digital. Since then I tried to catch a feeling which swings somehow in this photo. The expression of deep contemplation and devotion, the silent harmony and no room for questions.


After gathering some experience I could by now purposeful recognize situations and catch them. This shot of Vanessa, acting out in full joy during our time in theatre will always be a witness of my time of passion, of ruleless living which drove us every day to dance through our world.