2010 - 2011 Be My Boss

Dancing mushrooms

Designed for the lower arm part, further versions are very likely to arise.

The clef of metal for a bass guitar player

This finished version of my earlier idea was created for a bass guitar player. The skulls and clef occurred from two different work steps.

First music video production "Der Wald"

I produced the video to the mix "Der Wald" from a good friend and DJ. The whole shooting was done about two weeks before I left for Australia and until about four days before I actually took the plane. I was busy for a whole week of continuously cutting and could finally finish the production just in time. I'm still proud about the result, nearly unexperienced with video production and with the great help of Fabian, I was able to present a quite good music video under enormous pressure.

The lady

My first try to create decoration using airbrush. The torso was primed with normal colors and completed by some nice details in UV-active color. The result is quite impressive.


A logo for a befriended DJ (hear his work in the video „Der Wald“).

Mizaru - Kikazaru - Iwazaru

The idea was, to create the classic motive once without hands. Skulls are used quite often for this statement, but the intense expression gets lost because of filigrane bones of fingers. I wanted to get a motive, where the skull is able to stand for himself.

Cover Volu-men "4"

My first work for the band Volu-men. By guideline of the band the picture was supposed to show animals like all of their albums. If possible it should also illustrate the serially numbering of the publications. After a few tries it concluded in this idea as the most liked one.

Mask Monster

A set just to indulge in my passion - gas masks and the sensuality of the female body.


Another set to work out a classic motive and try out further ideas.

Writer for Pegasus Spiele - Shadowrun

I was really happy about the possibility to write for Pegasus Spiele when the publisher took over Shadowrun in it's beginning of the fourth edition in Germany. A few of my bigger subscriptions are listed below.

In the background book "Berlin" (no english translation available) I was for the first time entrusted with more responsibility and was allowed to write about one and a half chapters besides a few minor subscriptions.

Runners Toolkit
For the german version of the Runners Toolkit, the "Schattenruestzeug", was a new starter run created where I was part of the writing team. (no english translation available)

Blut & Spiele
"Blut & Spiele" (blood and circuses) is an adventure collection about urban brawl, if wanted playable as a campaign. The adventure "Fette Beute" (lot of booty) is penned by me.