2012 - 2013 Back Home


A funny night with friends led to a huge piece of work on the wall. Forms, birds and colors for the personal interpretation. Also there are of course lots of bubbles to be found around.


Since I returned to Germany I mainly concentrated on airbrush work. There were different materials, colors and ideas to be tried, which hopefully may be further worked out in the future.

Examples are:
Bookends were one of the first tries to use blacklight-colors. During christmas time I tried out some nice details on different glasses. Especially the cocktail glasses came out very good. More ideas as presents like a lamp with butterflies, a mobile protection cover showing a seahorse which I already used as a tattoo and the cup with a snake motive. My own netbook was from the beginning on a favorite place for my tryouts, I also specialized my passion for mushrooms.


This piece of work was a great challenge, and a constant self-discovery for me. Two of us were busy forming the picture out of already standing outlines for a couple of days during a few weeks. The process itself was already a moving act. I associate emotions and memories with these forms, which moods and experiences flew into the painting. But I knew from the beginning on how I wanted the elements to look like. Quite early we figured out about the effect using a color changing light. All the blurring details and colors give the viewer of the picture every time a deep view into his inner thoughts and imagination and conclude in an own, inner evolution. Youtube Video - Click here